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Koločep Island

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kolocep island

Koločep Island is part of Elafiti Islands. Locals often call it Kalamota so don’t be confused by this. Calamotta is Greek word for fisherman’s stick which means that the island was inhabited for centuries. Koločep Island is situated only 1km from Dubrovnik, which is approx. 25min by boat. The ferry from Dubrovnik port goes several times a.

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Dubrovnik Fish Picnic

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If staying in Dubrovnik longer than three days, visiting Elafiti islands is a must do! Booking Dubrovnik Fish Picnic to Elafiti islands is definitely great option. Elafiti islands are situated northwest of Dubrovnik. It is group of 13 islands between Dubrovnik, Mljet and Pelješac peninusla. Other name for Elafiti islands are Deer‘s islands as their.

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