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Pet frendly apartments in Croatia- how to find them?

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Croatia is pet friendly country, however, you should carefully check what documentation you need to have when entering Croatia with your pet. Therefore, it is best to start your trip planning on time!

Some of the basic requirements are:
1. pet passport with the pet description
2. proof of ownership
3. proof that the pet is micro chipped and
4. proof that the pet is vaccinated against rabies

These are the most important requirements in Croatia.

If you are coming from a country in European Union, you will need only your pet passport.

If you are coming from other countries outside EU, you will need the veterinary certificate for your pet.

One can enter Croatia with up to 5 pets otherwise it will be treated as commercial import.

Croatia can definitely be your destination for traveling with your pet. If you are traveling in summer, you are probably considering visiting Croatian coast and maybe some of the islands. Croatian cost has many beautiful places for holiday with pets. Keep in mind that Croatian coastal cities are small in size, they usually have many beautiful parks where pets are allowed and there are also beaches where you can take your pets to.  It is in Croatian culture to have pets so nobody should be worried. Croatian cities and village usually have many walking areas where you can enjoy with your pets. If you are to use local transportation, you need to check whether pets are allowed in them, especially the procedure to travel with your pets in boats, ferries, etc.

Pet frendly apartments in Croatia

When booking the accommodation in Croatia, you need to search for pet frendly apartments in Croatia. Usually, it is stated. However it is best to state it into your accommodation request so you get the confirmation from the owner or agency . If you are booking one of the pet frendly apartments in Croatia, the best is to search for the apartment or villa located near places (walking paths, beaches) where you will have enjoyable environment for your pets. When booking pet frendly apartments in Croatia, ask if there is some additional charge for the pets and if you are traveling with more than one pet, check if the owners will allow it. If you are booking apartment or villa in Croatia which has garden or pool, double check if your pets can use these areas. To provide you and your pet relaxing and stress-free holiday it is better to determine all the conditions for booking pet frendly apartments in Croatia prior to reservations.

Check pet frendly apartments in Croatia

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